is here to facilitate the meeting of local market-anarchists who are passionate about the free market (as employees, business owners and investors), so we can socialize, network and share ideas.

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Los Angeles

Director: Tom Garrett,

Members: 195

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Director: tbd

Members: 75

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San Jose

Director: Matt Ogorzalek,

Members: 120

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New York City

Director: Bill Masur,

Members: 225

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Director: Bryce James,

Members: 50

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Madison, WI

Director: Thomas Lyons,

Members: 25

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Spokane, ID

Director: Eric Bandholz,

Members: 5

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Arcadia - NH, VT, ME

Director: Mike Finger,

Members: 40

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Athens, GA

Director: Rahul Kanwar,

Members: 2

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About Us

The Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs has been specifically created, not as an educational group, but as a haven for those rare people who are well educated in libertarian philosophy and passionate about thriving in a peaceful and productive manner.

In the end, the material and spiritual success of Libertarian Entrepreneurs is the most potent form of education - leading by example.

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