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          ZIBO AGC ALUMINA MATERIALS CO.,Ltd. (primitive name: Zibo Asahi Glass Alumina Materials CO.,Ltd) is a China-Japan joint-venture company between Zibo Gongtao Refractory CO.,Ltd. (GTC) and AGC Co.,Ltd. of Japan( primitive name is Asahi Glass Co.,Ltd. of Japan) incorporated on 24th December 1993. In 2019 the company's name is changed to ZIBO AGC ALUMINA MATERIALS CO.,Ltd. (ZAC for short).
          Our company adopts the manufacturing technology, quality management technology and special equipment of AGC Ceramics Co., Ltd. to produce high-quality oxidized AZS fusion cast refractories and electric fusion cast α-β alumina refractories for glass furnace.
          Our quality policy is "serve the esteemed customers with excellent product quality". We are prepared to be the best partner of the glass industry with advanced technology, superior and durable products, timely and considerated service.



          ZIBO AGC ALUMINA MATERIALS CO.,LTD. committed to the research and development, manufacture and sale of the highest quality standards of high-end refractory products and technical services. Global No.1 quality for our esteemed customer. We serve our respected customers with world class product quality. We determined the management, safety, quality, cost, integrity, customer as the enterprise concept.

    1、Management is the eternal theme of ZAC, Management is the most important responsibility of us.

          Management means achieve the goals of "six insisting". That included to insist the scientific methods with facts and data for research. Insist the beforehand control and grasp the products quality. Insist know workshop site well and PDCA to ensure implementation. Insist the precise working attitude, do every things right in the first time. Insist the scientific scheduling, pay attention to the plan implementation. Insist scientific, environmental methods to research and development.

    2、Security is the guarantee of the development of ZAC, Security responsibility is also the highest important responsibility of us.

          Security means to achieve the goals of "three complete" which included complete implementation of the rules and regulations on everyday, complete safety inspection on everyday, complete eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents on every to ensure the safety without accident.

    3、Quality is the life of the ZAC, quality is also the highest important responsibility of us.

          Quality manangment means to improve the working quality in the workshop site of the cadre. The staff should detailed follow the SOP, eliminate or reduce the artificial defects to achieve quality objectives and manufacturing the products which can meet the quality standards and customer satisfaction.

    4、Cost is the core strategy of ZAC, the cost is also the highest important responsibility of us.

          Cost management requires that the sales price must be above the budget. The purchase price must maintain or lower than budget. Manufacturing cost especially consumption must be lower than the budget. The whole must meet or exceed the budget profit targets.

    5、Integrity is foundation of  ZAC and honesty is also the highest important responsibility of us.

          Honesty is to use a sincere attitude to people in foreign exchanges, adhere to the credibility, abide by the promise. To achieve the goals of "three same": Do the same in the internal inspection and none inspection. Do the same in day and night. Do the same whatever the leadership presence or absence.

    6、The customer is the God of ZAC, the customer is also the highest important responsibility of us.

          Treat the customer as the most distinguished guest from the action, put the order as imperial decree, 100% finished all the orders and passed the inner inspection three days before the customer inspection, to keep excellent for customer satisfaction.