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    ZA Series products

    The ZA Series oxidized AZS fusion cast refractories are manufactured from high-quality industrial raw materials by a long-arc fused cast and unique oxygen blowing melting process in a special electric arc furnace. The ZA series oxidized AZS fusion cast refractories have excellent corrosion resistance and low contamination to molten glass.

    ZM Series products

    ZM Series Alumina fusion cast refractories are produced with highly purified alumina raw material which is melted at high temperatures of more than 2000℃ in an electric arc furnace and then allowed to cool and solidify in a mold. The products contain almost no matrix glassy phase, hence exhibit excellent minimal contamination to molten glass.

    Alumina Cement

    The high alumina cement is widely used in overseas as its high fire resistance & early condensate. Its dosage has exceeded its application in monolithic refractories.Especially pure calcium aluminate cement (CA), it is one of the best binding materials amongst the monolithic materials.