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    ZM Series products

    ZM Series products can be divided into ZM-G(αβ- alumina) and ZM-U(β-alumina) according to their crystalline structure, and use the appearance, quality, specifications and casting methods for further classification. This classification of ZM Series products can satisfy the operating requirements in different position of glass furnaces.
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    Summary of ZM series products

    ZM Series Alumina fusion cast refractories are produced with highly purified alumina raw material which is melted at high temperatures of more than 2000℃ in an electric arc furnace and then allowed to cool and solidify in a mold. The products contain almost no matrix glassy phase, hence exhibit excellent minimal contamination to molten glass.

    ZM Series typical properties

    ZM Series physical properties.

    Product category

    ZM-G products are composed of α-alumina and β-alumina. They form a very sophisticated structure, excellent resistance to alkali and resistance to corrosion.

    It has superior characteristic of non-contamination of molten glass with extremely low blistering.

    ZM-G products are suitable for Working End Sidewall, Paving, Channel, Canal,Crown etc. in high-quality glass melting furnace.